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2007-11-18 21:30:36 by jprix


its about 9:30 and im tired
sad huh.

yeah it is pretty sad, but i work 2 jobs, im not quite sure why, i could easily quit one and still be ok... meh ill leave that logic to another day.

been working on spec 1.5 (as it has been renamed) a slightly extended version of my first submision to the portal "a speck fight". not too much changed, i just added a secret ending for those who wanted a bit more.

there may be a sequel, but that will be a side project, who knows may come out next month or so. idk

anyhow. editing sound into this thing is a bitch, im using a cool edit pro program right now. looking to 'ahem' "obtain" a copy of adobe soundroom or whatever its called... i love the interweb

so verry verry much

but whatev.

look out for spec 1.5 soon this or next week. ill be reposting it alltogether with a different title and icon

there will be sound like i said before
and a secret ending
well im out of stuff to write and im tired.

i can tell because i just saw elvis in my fridge.




2007-11-18 08:34:04 by jprix

well last night my first submission aired on the portal and after about an hours wait it finally made it through to newgrounds, a speck fight, i didnt expect so many good reveiws for somthing so simple. im realy hoping it will make "good score". its even been favorited by some people so im realy excited about that.

ive decided to extend the flash another 300 frames or so in responce to a few reveiws, oh and I WILL BE REPOSTING WITH SOUNDS, im not sure what song to use but im going to get to work on it soon,

it would be helpfull if you guys told me which song to use.


--jprix -)------



2007-11-17 18:09:28 by jprix

forgot i have a blog, whoops.

just posted my first ng flash. it pretty crappy, took an hour and a half. but i was pretty happy with it. idk

check it out and see what you think. best hurry tho, itll probly get blamd